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Little Munchkin's employees are highly-trained, experienced, and dedicated to the success of our business and your children. All teachers at Little Munchkin's are First - Aid and CPR certified. They all have their Food Handlers Permit and recieve quarterly trainings.  


Owner/Kelly & Wayne Geisler


Kellly and Wayne have been married 11 years. Together they have 5 kids and 1 grandchild. Kelly has her Associate Degree in Accounting, N.A.C. and her CDA. Wayne has 2 Bachelor Degrees one in Buisness Managment & the other in Marketing. Kelly and Wayne started Little Munchkins in 2012. Wayne enjoys playing basketball and playing his guitar. Kelly loves anything with numbers, crafting and going to Hobby Lobby. They both enjoy spending time with family. 





Director/Rose Pierce 


Rose was born in Haiti and was raised in Boston Massachusetts. Rose has her CDA and has been in childcare for 12 years. Rose is a wife and mother of 3. Rose has worked at Little Munchkins for 2 years. Rose loves reading, watching movies and hanging out with her family. Her favorite sanck is pretzels and Pepsi. Rose's favorite color is baby blue. Rose speaks 3 different languages they are French, Creole and English. 


Director/Jody Ross 


Jody was born in Ogden and was raised in West Weber. Jody recieved her CDA at Weber State University. She has her Infant and Toddler Endorcement. She is the youngest of six kids. Jody is a mother of 3 children. Jody has worked in Childcare for 23 years and has worked for Little Munchkins for 9 years. Jody loves hanging out with her family and friends. She loves Cheetos and Coke. Jody's favorite color is yellow. 




Assistant Director/Heather Harris 


Heather was born in Ogden and was raised in South Weber. She is currently attending school at Weber State University to obtain her degree in Early Childhood. Heather is currently working on getting her CDA certificate. Heather went to Cosmetology school at the DATC and recieved her Cosmetology License in 2010. Heather has 1 sister and 5 brothers one of them being a twin to her. Heather has worked for Little Munchkins for 4 years. Heather served a LDS mission in the Texas Houston South Mission. Heather loves traveling, crafting and basketball. She loves Ice cream and Diet Coke. Her favorite color is Purple. 

Infant & Toddler Teacher/Kaylyn Hansen 


Kaylyn was born in Ogden and raised in North Ogden. She has been in Childcare since 2010 and has worked for Little Munchkins for 2 years. Kaylyn has her Infant and Toddler Endorcement and is working on getting her CDA. Kaylyn married in 2011 to Bruce Hansen. Kaylyn loves working with the Infants and Toddlers. Kaylyn loves spaghetti and Italian food. She loves popcorn, ice cream, lemondade and anything sweet. Kaylyns hobbies are singing, listening to music, crafting, watching movies and anything Disney! Kaylyn loves spending time with her family and friends. Kaylyn's favorite colors are Pink and Blue.  


Infant Teacher/Connie England 


Connie was born in Salt Lake City and raised in East Millcreek. Connie has worked at little Munchkins for about 3 years. Connie has her Infant Toddler Endorcement. Connie has been married for 26 years and loves her husband and 2 kids. Connie loves Crafts, doing Sudoku, and spending time with her family. She loves Choclate, Dr. Pepper, and her favorite color is green. 



Infant & Toddler Teacher/Carole Lively 

Toddler Teacher/Synthia Rodriguez 


Synthia was born in California and raised in Utah. She has worked for Little Munchkin's for 5 years and has been working in child care for 8 years. Synthia has a twin sister and her favorite hobbies is crafting and taking care of her daughter. Synthia's favorite color is black. Synthnia is a licensed Phlebotomist. Synthia's loves Luna bars and Diet Coke. 

Two Year Old Teacher/Sarah Davis


Sarah was born and raised in West Valley Utah. Sarah has been working in Childcare for 3 years. A few of her favorite hobbies include reading, video games, hiking, camping, crafting, and cosplay. Sarah wants to go back to school to become a family therapist. Sarah is the oldest of 7 kids in her family. She is a quarter Tongan. Sarah loves metal music. Sarah didn't learn how to swim until she was 20. Sarah loves tea and chips & dip. 



Three Year Old Teacher/Sarah Carey 


Sarah was born in Japan and raised in Utah. Sarah has worked at Little Munchkin's for 4 years. Sarah has her Associates Degree and she is working on getting her CDA. Sarah loves going to the gym, listening to music, shoppiong, and playing with her dogs. Sarah's favorite snack is Japanese candy and fruit. Sarah's favorite drink is Lemonade. Sarah is half Japanese and can speak Japanese fluently. 

Three & Four Year Old Teacher/Tanya Byington 


Tanya was born in California and raised in Hooper Utah. Tanya has worked at Little Munchkin's for 3 years. A few of Tanya's favorite hobbies consiste of shopping, fishing and hunting, going to the gym, and taking care of her dog Minnie. Something unique about Tanya is that she is adopted. Tanya loves the color pink. Tanya love Jamba juice and cheese balls. 

Pre-School & Four Year Old Teacher/Ally Rogers


Ally was born and raised in Clearfield Utah. She has worked at Little Munchkin's since 2012. A few of her favorite hobbies consiste of art, doing other peoples hair and nails, going to the gym, and taking care of her daughter. Ally has her Cosmetology license, that she recieved at the DATC. Ally's favorite color is blue and she love water and pizza. 

Four Year-Old Teacher/Mallory Shoell 


Mallory is a single mom of 3 kids. She has 2 boys and 1 girl. She loves being around kids. She is a creative person who loves crafts and art projects. Mallory loves being outside and enjoys being active. Mallory graduated from Massage Therapy school. Mallory's favorite snack is Hershey's Hugs, her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper and her favorite color is purple. 

Five Year Old Teacher/Kelsey Radle


Kelsey was born in Ogden and raised in South Weber. Kelsey favorite hobbies are singing, dancing, and theatre. Her favorite snack and drink are chocolate and Dr. Pepper. Kelsey can do pretty good impressions of characters! Kelsey favorite color is Purple. 

Madison Gamble 





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