School Age Summer Program 2017

2017 School Age Summer Program:


Field Trips will start June 5, 2017 and will end August 18, 2017. 


Our School Age class, ages 6-12 years will be going on field trips during the summer. Six year olds must be out of first grade to be in our Summer Field Trip Program. 


Here are a few Rules and Reminders for our parents and school age kids. 


Water Bottles 


  • We ask every child to have a water bottle with him/her every day. Parents start having your child bring a water bottle. You are welcom to leave your child's water bottle at Little Munchkin's. Please make sure water bottles are labeled with your child/children's name. It is your child's responsibility to keep track of their water bottle when on field trips and when at the daycare. The teachers will wash them and put them in a spot for the next day. 




  • Parents we aks you to bring sunscreen for your child. You're welcome to leave the sunscreen here at Little Munchkin's. We will be taking the kids swimming, to parks, and to places where we will be outside most of the time. Please bring sunscreen with your child's name on it. We do not allow the kids to share sunscreen unless they are in the same family. 




  • Parents and School Age kids need to understand that going on field trips is a privilege. If your child/children misbehaves he/she will be given 2 warnings from the teacher(s) if bad behavior continues, parents will be called and the child will be sent home and will not be able to go on the next field trip. The child will need to stay home the following day. We expect every child to be on their best behavior when we are at the center and when we are out on field trips. Please talk with your child/children about appropriate behavior. 


Closed Toe Shoes/Flip flops are not allowed .


  • We do not allow open toed shoes here at the Daycare. Please plan on having your child wear close toed shoes. You may let your child/children bring flip flops for when we go swimming or to a splash pad. However, the flip flops must be in a bag and your child/children must have close toed shoes on each day they come. 


No outside Toys 


  • We DO NOT allow toys to be brought from home. Please have your kids keep all toys at home. If your child/children have toys they take with them in the car, make sure it stays in yoru car before you drop them off. 


No Outside Food


  • We DO NOT allow outside food at all. Make sure you feed your child/children before droping them off. DO NOT let your kids bring food from home, the store, etc. We work with the State Food Program to feed the children here at Little Munchkin's; Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack. It makes it hard when children come in with food and other kids see it and want it. It's important to remember that we do have some children here at Little Munchkin's with food allergies so it helps us out a lot when outside food 


Be on time to Field Trips 

  • Make sure you are dropping your child/children off on time for the field trips. The field trips calendars list the times we need your child/children here for the field trips. If they are not here on time we do not have an extra class for your child/children to go in therefore; you will need to find outher care for your child/children on that day.  


Splash Pad and Park Days 


  • We will be going to different splash pads and parks during the summer. The teachers in the classroom will decide on what splash pads and parks they will go to a few days before the splash pad/park day. 





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